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Skin Repair Balm


  • This little baby is something every household should have in their medicine cabinet.
  • It has a strong menthol/eucalyptus smell and comes in ointment form.
  • It was originally formulated to fix cracked heels.

I knew it was fantastic when my little-cracked heel was smooth in 4 days with about a minute of filing throughout the entire time…. but when I received pictures from a customer with severely cracked feet who’s feet had healed in 4 days, I KNEW we had a best seller!!! Not only that… but her psoriasis on her hands cleared simply from using her hands to apply it to her feet?!?!

We then started getting reports saying it healed cold sores, eczema, psoriasis, cancerous skin spots, itchy and insect bites… and EVEN ACNE and SCARRING!!!!

So after so many clients reported it’s miraculous results… we decided to rename it from the Foot Repair Balm to Skin Repair Balm.

How to use it

Simply dab it onto affected areas, but never smooth over the whole face like you would a moisturiser. The strong essential oils will make your eyes (at worst) water if applied too close, but it feels very fresh wherever you apply it.
It relieves itchy skin almost immediately, and small wounds, cold sores, acne spots etc are generally gone within 1 to 3 days of starting the application, depending on severity.

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